Hi folks! This site is about everyone and everything. Humans are all complex beings with various backgrounds and life experiences. We are also advanced creatures that learn and love to share our thoughts and knowledge. The world wide web has made is easy to disseminate information quicker than ever before. This is just a small token in the expanse of the web. I’m here to share, and learn.

Likes and dislikes, good and bad, food and wine, salt baths and blue craps. Yeah that random. Everything goes. I’ll try to focus on automobiles but don’t be surprised to see other subjects in here.

Lots of crappy content on the web to take those few minutes you have to browse. Everyone wants your attention. Don’t you just hate those people that talk in meetings and groups even though they have nothing important to contribute but just want to talk? I don’t want this site to be like that. Not a time waster.